iPhone 5 Increased Signal Strength and memory

Now that the launching time of the new iphone5 is getting nearer, people are getting more excited and its most likely to find a group of people talking rapidly about the release and specs of the iphone5 and showing either determination on buying this phone or making angry gestures on not being able to buy it yet as their pockets wont allow them to. It is a usual practice for one to go online and start searching the predictions about iphone5, so here we are to help you in this manner as we have brought a number top prediction about this phone to you.

Increased Signal Strength and memory

Apple now seems determined to ensure it that your smart phone always has some bars for you no matter where or how far you have gone. Verizon has never faced a problem of signal congestion or weak signal strength lately and are still working on giving larger bandwidths to each subscriber in order to make sure that each calls gets received at the destination.

We heard that AT&T has always faced problems in providing efficient bandwidths to iPhone users in highly congested area such as the cities of New York and San Francisco but Verizon is struggling hard to make sure such problems never occur. Let’s hope for the best and leave the rest to Apple as they are bound to get a solution and to provide better option to the customers.

One always wonders how far the limit for having more memory can go, still we need as much memory in the smart phone as we can as the increasing number of features, applications and services, all need to be capable of having some sufficient store to themselves in the smart phone’s memory. This time it looks like a big target Apple has achieved as it ahs provided a very large memory and storage for the iPhone5 user.


To cope with the dual core processor, it is essential to have a RAM of larger size and it is heard that Apple has brought the RAM of 1GB in the iPhone5 whereas the RAM size in iPhone4 was exactly the half of it that is 512 MB. 

The Storage

Along with that, Apple must have increased the size of storage as to provide best performance to such highly efficient processors and RAM. It is therefore likely to be around 64 GB in size, which is the largest in size at yet.


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